Wing Chun

​Welcome to the art and science of Wing Chun Kuen, the fastest growing and most influential Kung Fu system practised worldwide. Learn how to develop amazing striking power based on sound bio-mechanics and utilise quickly learnt basic concepts and techniques against common street assaults. Wing Chun Kuen takes less time than most other martial arts to develop and apply skills with a surprising degree of speed, power, and confidence.


Wing Chun Kuen (“In Praise Of Springtime Boxing’) is designed primarily for real life situations, with lesser emphasis on sporting, health focused, or artistic considerations.

Wing Chun is concept based, rather than technique based, and keeps techniques to a minimum. This makes it so much easier to deal instantly and spontaneously with unexpected threats, without panicking or freezing.

The “thinking person’s martial art”, Wing Chun is also a scientific, evolving system, emphasising bio-mechanically sound structure and movement. As it does not require large amounts of physical strength or effort, it is also ideal for women.

​Wing Chun concepts are also philosophically applicable to everyday living, translating into greater efficiency, conservation of energy, reduced stress, and greater “presence” in the work, study, home, and leisure environments.​