Friends of the Academy links:


David Peterson - Malaysia


John Smith - Sdyney


Enzo Verratti - Melbourne


Cliff Au Yeung - Hong Kong


Nino Bernado - Ibiza


Darren Elvey - Melbourne


Wan Kam Leung - Hong Kong


Philipp Bayer - Germany


Jerry Yueng & Mark Wong - Hong Kong


Dwight Hennings - Canada


Kam Wong and Tony Yung - Canada

Daniel Van Den Bosch - Perth, Western Australia

Stefen Kunev - Bulgaria

Morten Ibsen - Odense, Denmark


Archimede Tentindo - Rome, Italy


Mannie De Matos(Founder of Hakarac Martial Boxing) - Perth, Western Australia


Wing Chun Illustrated Magazine


Ving Tsun Athletic Association


Wong Shun Leung Students Association


Cranes Production -
(supplier of quality Wing Chun products & training equipment)


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Western Australia

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