Leng Yeo


Having been introduced to the world of martial arts by his father at the very tender age of 4, Leng has always had a thirst for martial arts. At the age of 4, he had the privilege of training under a formidable Korean instructor: Lee Sung Jae in the Tang Soo Do system. By 12, he was training in Nanhouquan  (Southern Monkey Fist) and subsequently in Ying Jiao Pai (Eagle Claw Fist)  where he and his brother showed much interest in “Lion Dancing” and had the opportunity to perform publicly on several occasions in Malaysia.


Leng also trained briefly in the traditional Shaolin Goh Chor system under Alex Loh in Malaysia before leaving for Australia to further his academic studies. In recent years, Leng traveled to China to learn under renowed instructor Fu Neng Bin in the school of Chen Taijiquan. His training has led him to a Gold medal in the 2014 Australian Kungfu Wushu Federation Championships.

In addition to his interest in the Asian martial arts, Leng also made the time to train intensively and compete successfully in amateur boxing in Australia and Asia for over 8 years.  In 2011, Leng took the title of "State Champion of Western Australia" in the Featherweight division.

In 2008 Leng served as the sparring partner  for "IBF/IBO" Champion, Gairy “Superman” St. Clair, and in 2010 for "WBO" Champion, Kenichi “Machine Gun” Yamaguchi  in the lead up to their championship bout.

Just like his Siheng Shaun Rogers, Leng also trains in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, where he received his blue belt  under the Carlson Gracie linage. His training and understanding of the art has allowed him to incorporate Wing Chun ideas and concepts into his training and has led him to win numerous Gold medals in the sport. His gold medal win at the IBJJF Pan Pacific Championship in his division qualified him to participate at the World Championships in Las Vegas. Leng is currently a Purple belt under the world renowned "Grappling Fight Team" GFT.

Leng had his first brief but sobering introduction to Wing Chun in Malaysia when his cousin dominated his boxing skills in a mere few moves.  He was convinced then and there that this was a system worth exploring.

In 2009, Leng began formal training under Rolf Clausnitzer and readily adapted to Rolf's mentorship, teaching approach, and emphasis on making the transition from traditional drills to realistic street combat applications. Thanks to his martial background and his ability to listen to and understand  what was being pointed to, Leng's rapid progress was such that it was not long before he became involved in a teaching capacity,  enthusiastically sharing his knowledge and experience of the "realism" of both ring competition and street combat.

​During his time in Perth, he travelled periodically to  Malaysia and Hong Kong to broaden his experience under world renowned instructors in the Wong Shun Leung system, such as David Peterson, Cliff Au Yeung, Jerry Yeung, Mark Wong and John Wong Hong Chun (son of Wong Shun Leung). 

In 2014, Leng and his wife, Miki, moved to Melbourne to begin a new chapter in their lives, including exploring the possibilities of developing a catering venture. Although missed by those who know him, he manages to drop in at the academy whenever he visits Perth, to an enthusiastic welcome.

​Rolf often refers to Leng as the Wing Chun Kuen Academy of Western Australia's "roving ambassador and explorer of the WSL Wing Chun Kuen system."