John Schirripa

Born in 1972 in Western Australia, John has long had a fascination with traditional martial arts , as well as western mediaeval combat techniques. At 14, he began his martial arts journey, when a friend introduced him to Ichiryu Karatedo under sensei Kevin Junior. After 4 years’ training, John decided to try out other arts and briefly explored Kick Boxing, Tae Kwon Do, Yau Hawk Tao, before settling on a non- traditional version of Jiu Jitsu under Andrea Toke.

Wing Chun Kuen Academy of Western Australia. He has been with the academy since 2009 and rarely misses a training session. It is his intention to continue training indefinitely with Rolf and his continuing development and refinement of Wing Chun Kuen, as inspired by Wong Shun Leung.

In the early 90’s, whilst in the final stages of completing his apprenticeship, John first heard from a friend, Lam Nguyen, about Wing Chun Kung Fu. After having trained at different clubs, John found a system that best met his needs, as taught by Rolf Clausnitzer at the